Writing That First Book

Not everyone has a book in them, believe you me! But with a little teasing out, most of us have the ability to write a book, and here at WriteAway we pass on the tips that can make it happen – for you.

The first thing to say is that writing a book really isn’t difficult. Horror of horrors, I hear the literary establishment screaming, this man needs shooting. Don’t listen to them; they have a vested interest in talking ‘literary’; of making magical and out-of-of reach what is simply a trade that, if worked upon, can deliver the goods, time after time.

My first novel, a wonderful work that totally failed to excite agents, was completed in a month. Looking back, I still remember the excitement of writing it, and of handing the first draft to a friend. What a privilege! This person should have felt honoured. Her response was muted and our friendship has mysteriously refused to blossom since. My first novel was tosh; lazily planned, poorly edited, and so inadequately marketed it was guaranteed nobody who mattered would read it. In that regard, perhaps, I was lucky.

But writing this dreadful book did wonders for my ego. I’d actually laid an egg, created an entire book, completed a task. This put me ahead of all those promising writers who promise much but deliver little. I am a writer; they are still dreamers.

Your first book may hit the jackpot; next Saturday’s lottery ticket may also make you a millionaire! As a gamble, book writing is a better bet, and, the more you write, the better your chances become. Now that’s not true of playing the lottery. But your first book should be regarded as a maiden flight, not the first leg of a round-the-world trip: that comes later.

If you want to be a writer, then everything you do needs to be planned. Coherent spontaneity is a gift that settles on the blessed few. Simply putting fingers to a keyboard will not do. Here at WriteAway we help you structure your writing project at the embryo stage so that the writing is easier and the end product has the maximum opportunity of becoming a success. The chances of your first book attaining bestseller status may be slim, but by following the protocols of the business, all your efforts will be directed at turning out the finest product. If, like me, you find this initial effort doesn’t tempt a publisher you will have discovered so much as you get the work off your chest that your following book will be both easier to write, and read. You will be, like me, a true writer.

Join us at WriteAway and you can devil away in your garret – undisturbed, but whenever the need arises you can depend upon our help – from people who have been there and done it – big time. Simply follow the link below and become a Life member of WriteAway. Then the fun can start:


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